Carrie Wolf ~ Needlepoint for the Modern Home


Hello! I am a needlepoint designer and stitcher from Austin, Texas. I fell in love with this medium over 15 years ago and cannot get enough of the feel of the wool in my hands and the incredible colors and patterns that I can create. I use 100% wool yarn and my two hands to create each piece. My goal is to bring needlepoint back into the mainstream both as a craft and product for the modern home.

Crochet is a recent passion that has just exploded. I attempt to use the finest in cotton, bamboo, Tencel and wools to create my one of a kind crochet lace items.

All of my needlepoint creations are worked in a full cross stitch which leads to a nice, flat, even appearance of each stitch. My work is also done almost exclusively in 14 count canvas which means that I can work in a greater level of detail per inch. This also leads to much more time spent stitching, but the beauty that results is worth every effort.

Pet owners! Check out my Etsy shop that features crochet pet collars:

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